May 2018 News

Cummins 66 kVA Diesel Generator

Care Home

This Cummins 66 kVA Enclosed Diesel Generator complete with a bespoke hood will provide backup power to a care home in Windsor

Airport Switchgear Enclosures

Airport Enclosures

These two ADVANCED designed & built Bespoke HV Switchgear Housings are being loaded to be dispatched to a UK airport where they will be integrated into the National Grid.

Switchgear Housing Support Frames

Support Frames

These heavy duty Switchgear Housing Support Frames designed & built by ADVANCED make for easy access to the cable entries on the underside of the enclosure.

200 kVA Telecoms Diesel Generator

Ongoing Project

This Perkins 200 kVA Open Disel Generator designed & built by ADVANCED is part of the ongoing telecoms special build project. We have some 30 units for this project in build at any one time for the forseeable future.

National Power Contract Switchgear Enclosure

National Power Contract

This ADVANCED designed & built Bespoke HV Switchgear Housing is being loaded for delivery to Sheffield where it will be connected and integrated into the UK National Power Grid. The project is part of our ongoing National Framework Agreement.

National Grid Switchgear Enclosure

National Grid

This bespoke Modular Switchgear Housing designed & built by ADVANCED is being dispatched to a local substation near Doncaster where it will be integrated into the National Power Grid.

Gas Generator Enclosures

Gas Generator Enclosures

A further two ADVANCED designed & built Acoustic Enclosures for large gas generators are being loaded and shipped to the client for fit out.

Bespoke Fertiliser Switchgear Enclosure

Fertiliser Switchgear

This custom-built Switchgear Enclosure and heavy-duty support frame were designed & built by ADVANCED. Final destination - a UK fertiliser manufacturer.

Two Cummins 3000 kVA Acoustic Diesel Generators

Data Centre Success

A further two 3000 kVA Cummins Acoustic Diesel Generators are loaded for dispatch to a UK data centre.