April 2019 News

145 kVA Bespoke Telecoms Perkins Diesel Generator

Telecoms Power

This 145 kVA Open Perkins Diesel Generator manufactured by ADVANCED is on its way to a telephone exchange near Letchworth in the UK where it will provide backup power to communications equipment in the event of a mains failure.

Cummins 330 kVA Charity Office Backup Diesel Generator

British Charity

This Cummins Enclosed 330 kVA Diesel Generator is on its way to Scotland to be installed for backup power at a British Charity coordination office.

800 kVA Bespoke Telecoms Generator

Specialist Telecoms

This 800 kVA Scania Open Diesel Generator with bespoke control system is on its way to be installed into the telephone exchange network near Cornwall.

3000 kVA Cummins QSK78 Silent Standby Diesel Generators

Two More... Two to Follow...

Four more Cummins 3000 kVA Diesel Generators in Bespoke Acoustic Enclosures with Long Run Base Fuel Tanks designed & built by ADVANCED will be despatched this week with two of them leaving this morning for Sweden.

Super Silent Cummins 1675 kVA Diesel Generator Acoustic Enclosures

Cancer Care Power

These 2 Cummins 1675 kVA Diesel Generators in their purpose-built 65 dBA at 1 metre Acoustic Enclosures are being transported for installation at a Cancer Care Unit in the UK where they will be used to provide emergency backup power.