November 2019 News

Backup Pwoer Generator

Backup Power

This 45 kVA Silent Perkins Diesel Generator will provide backup power to a newly built apartment block in Middlesex to maintain emergency lighting and fire support systems.

3000 kVA Gas Generator Enclosure

3000 kVA Gas

This Bespoke Enclosure houses a Cummins 3000 kVA Gas Generator - It will be installed alongside an existing identical set on site where it will be used to feed power into the National Grid.

Libya Exports Diesel Generators

Libya Exports

5 x Cummins 38 kVA Silent Diesel Generators being loaded into a container to be shipped to our dealer in Libya.

Mobile Engineering Diesel Generator

Mobile Engineering

This client originally came into our works wanting to hire a generator, after weighing up his options and costs he decided the cheaper option would be to invest in his own for his mobile engineering & welding company - So he paid there and then and took one of the many generators we hold in stock. This one being a Cummins 66 kVA Stage IIIa Emissions Compliant Diesel Generator.

Nigeria Exports Diesel Generators

Nigeria Exports

These 2 x 33 kVA Cummins Silent Diesel Generators are on their way to power the lights and cabins for the construction crews of a new highway being built in Lagos, Nigeria.

Bottled Water Diesel Generators

Bottled Water

These 2 Cummins 900 kVA Open Diesel Generators are being exported to Fiji where they will be used to power a new water bottling plant.

Backup to the Main Generator

Backup to the Main Generator

This Cummins 1675 kVA Diesel Generator in its ADVANCED built Acoustic Enclosure will be installed at a new £60m energy recovery site built on an old shale tip near Baxterley in Warwickshire, UK. The energy site will produce and export up to 10MW of electricity from a steam turbine. However, in the event of a power loss on-site, the generator will run to support the site and bring the various site processes to a controlled shutdown. The generator will then support specific critical loads until mains power returns.

Big Data Centre Sets

Big Data Centre Sets

These 4 Cummins QSK95 3750 kVA Monster Diesel Generators are heading for a UK Data Centre along with their 35,000 litre Bulk Belly Tanks to save space on site.

Wales Telecoms Diesel Generator

Wales Telecoms

Another Bespoke Telecoms Diesel Generator has left ADVANCED to be installed at a telephone exchange in Wales.

Crane Power Diesel Generator

Crane Power

This Pramac Perkins 22 kVA Silent Diesel Generator is on its way to site in Doncaster, UK where it will power a small house-builder tower crane.

Acoustic Container

Acoustic Container

This 10-foot Bespoke Acoustic Container houses a client's free-issue diesel generator. The generator was expertly fitted along with small light & power by ADVANCED. The unit is to be installed at a water treatment plant.