November 2018 News

Bespoke Acoustic Enclosures for 3000 kVA Diesel Generators

3000 kVA Data Centre

Two more Cummins 3000 kVA Diesel Generators housed in Bespoke Acoustic Enclosures are shipped off to a UK Data Centre where they will provide backup power.

50 kVA Emissionised Formula 1 Cummins Diesel Generators

Formula 1

Seven Cummins 55 kVA Stage IIIa Silent Diesel Generators were repainted white and supplied to the Formula 1 ground support team in France. The units will provide prime power during Formula 1 practice and race days.

Custom Built Telecoms Diesel Generator


Another Bespoke Telecoms Spec Diesel Generator built by ADVANCED is being loaded and transported to a telephone exchange plant room in Huyton in the UK.

Custom Built Telecoms Spec Diesel Generator Set

Bespoke Telecoms

Another Bespoke Telecoms Spec Diesel Generator leaves our works heading for a Telephone Exchange near Lancashire.

Bespoke UK Substation Switchgear Enclosure

Housings in Half

These two Bespoke HV Switchgear Housings were transported in two halves to a site near Doncaster where they were reassembled and fitted out with Switchgear and Transformers at a new mains substation.

Bespoke Built Secure HV Switchgear Enclosure

HV Switchgear

Another Bespoke HV Switchgear Enclosure manufactured by ADVANCED leaves the works. This one is heading to Doncaster in the UK where it will be installed in a newly built substation.