October 2019 News

Bespoke Telecoms Diesel Generator

Bespoke Telecoms

Another ADVANCED Built Special Telecoms Diesel Generator is dispatched to a telephone exchange in Birmingham.

Switchgear Housing

Switchgear Housing

This Bespoke Switchgear Housing is being loaded to transport and on its way to a STOR project in Cheshire where it will connect a series of gas generators to the National Grid at high voltage.

Bulk Fuel Tank

Bulk Fuel

This bottom part of a multi-stage Bulk Fuel Storage Tank is to be transported and installed at a UK Data Centre, where the units will be stacked on-site saving valuable floor space on the site.

Massive Power Diesel Generator

Massive Power

Another 3 x Cummins 3000 kVA Diesel Generators in ADVANCED built Bespoke Acoustic Enclosures are loaded to the waiting transport - The units are to be shipped and installed at a UK Data Centre.

Quarry Power Diesel Generator

Quarry Power

This 66 kVA Cummins Stage IIIa Silent Diesel Generator will power a new stone screen at a local quarry in Doncaster.

Standby Power Diesel Generator

Standby Power

This Cummins 55 kVA Stage IIIa Emissions Compliant Silent Diesel Generator will provide standby power to a water pumping station in West Sussex.

170 kVA Cummins Silent Test Lab Diesel Generator

Testing Dust

This Cummins 170 kVA Silent Diesel Generator will provide backup power in the event of a mains failure at a dust and particle test laboratory near Derby.

90 kVA Cummins Sports Ground Floodlights Diesel Generator

Sports Ground Floodlights

This Cummins 90 kVA Silent Diesel Generator will provide prime power for the floodlights at a newly built sports ground in Peterborough.

Cummins Silent Machine Workshop Backup Diesel Generator

Workshop Power

This Cummins 22 kVA Silent Diesel Generator and ATS Panel will provide backup power over the winter months to a small machine workshop in Leeds.

Silent Cummins Diesel Generator for Export to Libya

Exports to Libya

Another Cummins 33 kVA Silent Diesel Generator was loaded, bound for the shipping agent. It's final destination is Libya to support the mobile hospital foundation.