December News

300 kva Cummins Diesel Generator

Acoustic Enclosures

Another ADVANCED power box from stock - is fitted out with the clients generator and despatched direct to site.

perkins diesel generator

Power Cuts

More and more companies choose ADVANCED to protect their business against the onset of winter power cuts.
This 110 kVA Perkins units it on its way to be installed at a precisssion engineering company near Devon.

300 kva Cummins Diesel Generator

Crushing Power

This Cummins 330 KVA Enclosed Diesel Generator is being collected by the client, the generator will run a new stone crusher plant near Lincoln.

caterpillar diesel generator

Hot Water

This ADVANCED designed & built modular building encloses a water boiler and pump system for use with multiple Gas generators.

Switchgear Enclosure

HV Switching

This ADVANCED designed & built Modular Switchgear Enclosure is now loaded and on its way to a gas generator site in the UK. .

caterpillar diesel generator

Flower Power

Another company sick of power cuts and losing trade – yes it's winter but people still do go to garden centres.
This Cummins 90 kVA Diesel Generator will be used as standby at a popular Garden Centre near Spalding.

Cummins 100 kVA Diesel Generator

Business as Usual

An engineering company near Manchester chose ADVANCED to protect it against power cuts and loss of production time. In the past two months, they have suffered several power cuts costing them tens of thousands of pounds..

caterpillar diesel generator

Real Estate

This Cummins 22 kVA silent diesel generator set will supply back-up power to a real estate investment company offices near Holmfirth.

Cummins 100 kVA Diesel Generator

Construction Power

This 110 kVA Caterpillar Diesel Generator will provide site power to cabins on a construction site near Uxbridge for the next two years..