July 2017 News

diesel generator secure building

Secure Box

Another small set packaged into a larger than normal enclosure to prevent theft. The 20 kVA diesel generator will provide backup power at a remote gas pumping station near Doncaster.

Caterpillar Diesel Generator

Drying Power

This 88Kva silent Cat diesel generator is on its way to a farm near Kent to be used to power a wheat drying machine.

A Cummins Diesel Generator leaving the yard to supply power at an agricultre farm

Prime Farm Power

This Cummins 38Kva silent Diesel Generator will provide back-up power to an automated dairy milking station at a farm near Frodsham.

Diesel Generator acoustic enclosure for a UK data centre

Cummins 3000 kVA...

Two more ADVANCED designed & built Cummins 3000 kVA acoustic enclosures were lifted over the fence to the waiting low loaders – ready to be shipped of to a UK data centre.

Two designed & built water pump enclosures leave the works.

More Pump Enclosures...

Another two ADVANCED designed & built water pump enclosures leave the works to be fitted out at the clients UK works.

Diesel Genberator loaded onto transport for delivery

More Building Sites

Another small unit (Cummins 33 kVA) dispatched to a UK building site to be used as prime power whilst developing a green field site.

Two Cummins diesel generators leaving the yard to provide power for a website hosting company

Hosting Power

This match pair of Cummins 66Kva silent diesel generators are on their way to be installed at a website hosing company near Nottingham. The units will automatically starts once per weeks and do all sorts of different tests like load share, standby to one and other whilst running etc…

A Diesel Generator in an acoustic building for a waste management company in Hull

Waste Management Power

This Cummins 1100 kVA diesel generator packaged in an ADVANCED designed & built acoustic enclosure c/w extended base fuel tank is on its way to a waste treatment plant near Hull.

Fire Pump Enclosure

Pump Enclosures

A pair of ADVANCED designed and built fire pump acoustic enclosures were loaded for despatch to a uk client.

Caterpillar 56 kVA Diesel Generator

Local Builders

A standard Caterpillar 65Kva diesel generator sold to a local building company to be used for green field power on housing projects.
The company decided to buy their own instead of hiring.

This diesel generator willl provide power in mombasssa

Mombasa Exports

An ever increasing Export opportunity whilst the pound remains low. This Single 22 kVA Cummins enclosed unit will power a private residence near Mombasa.

Cummins DIesel Generator for a Data Centre in Welyn Garden City

Data Centre Power

Another ADVANCED designed & built Data Centre Cummins 1100 kVA Diesel Generator is being loaded for despatch to Welwyn garden city...the home of the UK,s data hub..