June 2017 News

A diesel generator providing back up power for a uk university

University Power

This Cummins 150 KkVA silent diesel generator with extended base fuel tank will be used at a UK University near Uxbridge to provide test power for specialist projects.

Cummins Diesel Generator bound for Iraq

Iraq Exports

Another Cummins Diesel Generator this one a 220 kVA silent unit was sold to a UK waste recycling plant. The generator will power newly installed household waste sorting machinery.

A Cummins Diesel Generator for a client in Yemen

Yemen Exports

This Cummins C1400 kVA Diesel Generator was exported to Yemen to be used in a factory for prime power.

Cummins Diesel Generator bound for Iraq

Iraq Exports

Another Cummins 2250 kVA new diesel generator is loaded for export to Iraq.

A Cummins Diesel Generator for a warehouse

Warehouse back up

A local plumbing warehouse went days without power after a machine dug up their main street cable, Realising what business they lost during these few days – they decided to cover themselves from this in the future by purchasing a standby diesel generator from ADVANCED.

Cummins 2000 kVA diesel generator leaving the yard

Power for Waste

This 2000 kVA Cummins QSK60 Diesel Generator will power domestic waste recycling machinery at a Derbyshire based company.

Modular Building

Double Package

This 13 mtr ADVANCED designed and built Modular Building houses both Hv & LV Switchgear and in the other end is a complete black start 500 kVA Diesel Generator.

caterpillar 50 kVA diesel generator leaving the yard

Concrete Power

This Cat 50 kVA Enclosed Diesel Generator was supplied by ADVANCED to a mobile concrete batching truck.

Switchgear for a Sub Station

Substation Success

Another quality ADVANCED designed & built Switchgear substation leaves our works to be installed on site at Wakefield.

cummins 2250 kva diesel generators

Stable Exports

We continue to see growth in our export department week-on-week. This Cummins 2250 kVA QSK 60 Diesel Generator was packaged into a shipping container and is now on its way to Somaliland.

Switchgear for a Solar Farm

Solar Farm Connections

This Advanced designed & built Switchgear Housing contains the equipment used to connect the solar systems to the grid on a large scale project.

Switchgear Container

Switchgear housing

This Advanced designed & Built Switchgear Housing was fitted out with high voltage equipment and tested at our works before being shipped off to County Durham for on-site installation.