October 2017 News

Bespoke Generator Enclosures for Norway

Norway Data

ADVANCED were chosen once again to supply packaged generator solutions to an overseas data centre provider.
These four cummins units – two 1500kva Qsk50, and two 400kva machines were enclosed in bespoke enclosures designed & built by ADVANCED. Extensive testing was carried out at our works before the units were stripped for transport to Norway.

Gen-set Enclosure

Gas power

Another bespoke ADVANCED built gas Generator Enclosure leaves the works to be fitted out at the clients works.

Bespoke Switchgear Enclosure

Switchgear Enclosures

Another bespoke ADVANCED designed and build modular switchgear enclosure leaves the works to be installed at a power substation in Cumberland.

500 kVA diesel generator

Leisure Power

This Cummins 550 kVA Open Diesel Generator will be installed into a leisure centre complex near Birmingham providing back up power in the event of a mains failure..

50 kva diesel generator

Telecoms Power

We continue to produce bespoke diesel generator sets for the telecoms national upgrade scheme.
This 550 kVA Perkins unit was up fitted with bespoke control gear, N+1 fuel pumps along with lots of other items required to meet the specification. The unit is being delivered to a telephone exchange near York for installation.

diesel generator acoustic enclosure

Another 3 Dispatched

A further three 3000 kVA Cummins diesel generators enclosed in ADVANCED designed & built acoustic enclosures are loaded for delivery to a UK Data Centre.

150 kVA Diesel Generator

Hilton Hotels

The Hilton Hotel group chose ADVANCED to provide this Cummins 150 kVA diesel generator which will provide backup power at one of their Northern properties.

1250 kVA MTU Diesel Generator Acoustic Enclosure

Data Centre Power

This 1250 kVA MTU Diesel Generator packaged into an ADVANCED acoustic enclosure complete with 11,000 ltr bulk base tank has now been offloaded on-site at a Data Centre near Rotherham.

Gas generator bespoke Enclosure

Fencing Power

A company that supplies & installs agricultural fencing in remote areas recently purchased an automated machine that
installs the posts & fits the wire mesh in one pass. The machine is power hungry and requires 80 kW to start and run. This Cummins 110 kVA Diesel Generator was supplied by ADVANCED to get the companies new investment up & running.

Bespoke Acoustic Enclosure

Pre-Paid Management

This 38 kVA Enclosed Cummins Diesel Generator was supplied to a company that refurbishes and tests the payment modules you see on shop counters that top up gas and electricity pre-paid cards.

Gas generator bespoke Enclosure

6 & 7 of 10

A further two Acoustic Enclosures for gas generators are loaded for dispatch this week. The last three from this order will follow shortly after.

Bespoke Acoustic Enclosure

Gas Works Power

This ADVANCED built bespoke Acoustic Enclosure will secure the relatively small generator on a remote gas pumping site near Stockton-on-tees.