March 2019 News

Bespoke 1400 kVA Hospital Diesel Generator Acoustic Enclosures

Critical Care

These 4 Custom-Built 1400 kVA Diesel Generator Enclosures & Extended Run Base Fuel Tanks are on their way out the gate to be installed at a critical care unit at a UK University Hospital.

Silent Cummins Racecourse Diesel Generators

Off to the Races

These 5 Cummins Enclosed Diesel Generators are off to the races where they will be installed across the site to provide backup power in the event of a mains failure during race days.

3 x 275 kVA’s, 1 x 220 kVA & 1 x 170 kVA will join 5 existing sets on site which were provided by ADVANCED a number of years back.

30 kVA Perkins Farm Diesel Generator

Backup Power

This Pramac Perkins 30 kVA Silent Diesel Generator complete with Load Transfer Switch Panel will provide backup power to a remote farmhouse near Essex.

Cummins Diesel Generator Nigeria Power Export

Nigeria Power

Two more Cummins Silent Diesel Generators leave the works for export, heading to Nigeria where they will be used to supply prime power. The 22 kVA C22D5 and the 55 kVA C55D5e.

Cummins QSK78 Diesel Generator Acoustic Enclosure

Mumbai Power

These 3 Bespoke Acoustic Enclosures designed & built by ADVANCED each house a Cummins 3000kVA QSK78 Diesel Generator and ancillary equipment. The units will travel by sea to Mumbai where they will be installed and commissioned as prime power units.