September 2018 News

Perkins 2000 kVA Test Facility Diesel Generator

Big Boxes

This Perkins 2000 kVA Diesel Generator and Custom Built Acoustic Enclosure is being loaded ready for its journey to a secure test facility in the UK. The unit will provide backup power to the whole site in the event of a mains failure.

90 kVA Cummins Diesel Generator for Surgery Backup

Surgical Power

This Custom Cummins 90 kVA Silent Diesel Generator was altered to have lift-off doors due to site restrictions and space, as well as an additional bund tray. The generator will provide backup power to a Thoracic Surgical Theatre near Daventry in the UK.

38 kVA Construction Power Generator

Construction Office

This Cummins 38 kVA Silent Diesel Generator will provide backup power to an industrial / commercial builder's head office near Ilkley in the UK.

330 kVA Cummins Silent Generator for Airport Backup

Airport Power

This Cummins 330 kVA Silent Diesel Generator complete with 500 Amp GTEC ATS Panel is on its way to be installed at Bournemouth Airport in the UK where it will provide backup power in the event of a mains failure.

900 kVA Diesel Generator for Export

Export Power

This shipping container contains another 2 Cummins 900 kVA Open Diesel Generators ready for shipping to Vietnam.

National Grid Switchgear Enclosure

Switchgear Enclosure

This ADVANCED designed & built High Voltage Switchgear Enclosure is on its way to be installed at a UK S.T.O.R site near Manchester where it will be integrated into the National Grid.

Office Backup Diesel Generator

Facilities Management

This ADVANCED custom built Acoustic Enclosure housing a Cummins 1675 kVA KTA50 Diesel Generator was supplied to a building design, property maintenance and facilities management company near Merseyside. The Generator will provide backup power to their head office site.

3 Silent Telecoms Gensets

Export Telecoms Power

These 3 ADVANCED designed & built custom Acoustic Containers each house a 700 kVA Cummins VTA28 Diesel Generator. They are heading out to be installed at multiple remote telecoms sites in Somaliland.