August 2018 News

STOR Switchgear Housing

Switchgear Enclosures

This ADVANCED designed & built HV Switchgear Housing will be installed on a major S.T.O.R site in the UK, helping to balance the capacity at peak times.

Channel Tunnel Engine Enclosure

Tunnel Cable Pull

Acoustic Enclosure number 3 of 5 designed & built by ADVANCED containing a JCB Stage 5 Engine ready to be coupled to a hydraulic pump for pulling cables though the Channel Tunnel.

Acoustic Diesel Generator

Sound Packaging

ADVANCED design and manufacture Acoustic Enclosures for many other Generator companies. Free issue Open Type Generators are received into the factory and dispatched complete in their new Acoustic Housing ready to be sent directly to site.

1675kVA Cummins Acoustic Diesel Generator

More Water Treatment

This Cummins 1675kVA Acoustic Diesel Generator will be installed on the same site and will provide essential backup power during the event of a mains failure to the other side of the water treatment / pumping station.

1100kVA Cummins Acoustic Diesel Generator

Water Treatment

The first of 2 units being dispatched to a water treatment facility in the UK. This Cummins 1100kVA Silent Diesel Generator built by ADVANCED will provide backup power to one side of the site in the event of a mains failure, keeping the pumps active and the water supply on to thousands of homes.

Bespoke HV Switchgear Enclosure

HV Switchgear

This High Voltage Switchgear Housing designed & built by ADVANCED is being loaded ready for delivery to a site in North Yorkshire where it will be integrated into the National Grid.

55 kVA Cummins Diesel Generator with Bespoke Customisations

Medical Power

This Cummins 55 kVA Diesel Generator complete with Extended Bulk Base Fuel Tank and Fill Cabinet is being prepared for dispatch to a medical research centre near Liverpool where it will provide backup power.

Bespoke Modular Switchgear Enclosure

Grid Connect

This High Voltage Switchgear Housing designed & built by ADVANCED is on its way to be integrated into the S.T.O.R (Short Term Operating Reserve) site in the UK.

Tier 5 Diesel Engine in a Bespoke Acoustic Enclosure

Channel Tunnel

These Bespoke Enclosures & Base Fuel Tanks were designed & built by ADVANCED for a local hydraulic pump manufacturer. The engine of choice for the client was a JCB Stage 5 Diesel Engine. Five units in total will work in tandem to pull new HV cables through the Channel Tunnel.

Bespoke High Voltage Switchgear Housing

National Power

Another quality ADVANCED designed & built High Voltage Switchgear Housing leaving the works to be integrated into the UK's National Power Grid near Leeds.