September 2017 News

Gas generator bespoke Enclosure

American Embassy

This Cummins 200 kVA silent Diesel Generator with its extended base fuel tank is being delivered and installed at the American Embassy here in the UK.

Bespoke Acoustic Container

Backup to Wind

This ADVANCED built acoustic container houses a small Perkins generator with extended fuel tanks for long run times.
The unit will provide startup/backup power to a remote wind farm in Scotland.

Gas generator bespoke Enclosure

Bespoke Bulk Fuel Tanks

Another two ADVANCED designed & built bulk fuel tanks holding 20,000 litres each are being despatched to the end client near Bradford.

33Kva Cummins enclosed diesel generator set

Hospital Power

This 33Kva Cummins enclosed set supplied by ADVANCED will provide back up power to the site accommodation cabins in Burkina Faso.

Gas generator bespoke Enclosure

Two of Ten

Another two of the order for ten ADVANCED designed and built gas Generator Enclosures are loaded to the transport for shipping to the client for final fit out.

110 kVA Cummins Diesel Generator to provice hospital backup power

Hospital Power

Another Northern hospital trust chose ADVANCED to supply this Cummins 110 kVA Diesel Generator and associated bulk fuel storage tank setup. The Generator will provide back up power to a lung cancer investigation unit.

Diesel Generator for Hospital

Hospital Project

This Cummins 550 kVA Diesel Generator is being exported to Vietnam where it will provide prime power to a remote temporary hospital project.

330 kVA CUmmins Diesel Generator loaded onto transport for shipping to Norway

Norwegian Exports

This 330 kVA enclosed Cummins Diesel Generator is being loaded for export to an office complex in Norway. The Unit will provide stand by power.

Diesel Generators Enclosed

Bespoke Enclosures

These first two of ten ADVANCED designed & built bespoke Gas Generator enclosures are heading to the clients premises to be fitted out with the generators and control panels.

38 kVA Cummins Diesel Generator

Surrey Amusements

This Cummins 38 kVA Silent Diesel Generator supplied by ADVANCED will provide back-up power to a children’s amusement park near surrey.

Football Diesel Generator

Football Lighting

Another Cummins unit being despatched today – this 110 kVA enclosed set is on its way to provide power to the stadium lights at Blackpool football club.

Cummins Diesel Generators

Horse Power

This Cummins enclosed 330 kVA Diesel Generator is being despatched to a horse food manufacturer in Northumberland.
The unit will provide prime power to a new site until the mains is connected, at which point the generator will be standby in case of mains failure.

Caterpillar Diesel Generator

Engineering Power

A local engineering company chose ADVANCED to supply this Caterpillar 50 kVA Diesel Generator to power its storage yard cabins.

Diesel Generator Container

Off Shore Containment

This larger than normal ADVANCED designed & built pressurizes High voltage Switchgear Housing is being loaded and sent to Portsmouth ready to be shipped off shore to a waiting oil platform.