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May 2019

This Cummins 38 kVA Silent Diesel Generator is on its way to India where it will be used to power some water treatment pumps that were made in the UK which will be shipped along with the generator.

India Generator

This India diesel generator will power water treatment pumps. The pumps were made in the UK and shipped to India along with the generator required for the water treatment location. This is just one of many uses for a diesel generator, and one project that has made use where a grid supply isn’t available. All our types of generators can be shipped to anywhere, with a range of uses available from our choice of generator manufacturers.

Our clients in India requested a Cummins 38 kVA Silent Diesel Generator. This generator is an excellent choice for the generator market in India due to its superior performance and versatility. Whether you are looking for prime power, continuous power, or an efficient power backup solution, this versatile generator can provide what you're looking for. This generator is ideal for a variety of applications and industries, making it perfect to power water treatment pumps for our client in India. The functions it includes are: it can be started and stopped remotely, making it suitable for many different locations.

The Cummins 38 kVA Silent Diesel Generator features the Cummins X3.3G1 engine. It offers standby power at 38 kVA / 30 kW and prime power at 35 kVA / 28 kW. The generator has features including the PowerCommand 1.1 electronic control panel, which makes it easy to use with its simple interface. This generator has a fully integrated power generation system and a 175L fuel tank capacity that offers 100% liquid retention capability. It's a great choice of generator, perfect for all applications, including backup solutions for lighting applications.

Cummins was first founded in 1919, so they now have over 100 years of experience in the generator industry manufacturing diesel generators. They bring their century of knowledge to the 38 kVA silent diesel generator, as they do all of their products. The US company has its global headquarters in Indiana but their products are available all over the world. We are a trusted dealer of Cummins generators, not just in the UK but also throughout Europe and around the world.

Diesel Generator India

The Cummins C38D5 is a silent diesel generator, which makes it ideal for a range of applications. When used for something where it might be close to people's homes, a generator can't make too much noise. A silent or soundproof generator prevents this problem and ensures that the sound made by a generator is kept to a minimum. The generator is contained within a soundproof canopy, made of hard composite materials that reflect the sound back into the enclosure. They also contain softer materials that absorb the sound, typically using several layers of different materials that can absorb different frequencies.

Our client in India will be using their brand new generator to power water treatment pumps to ensure healthy and safe water. As with anywhere in the world, the importance of effective sewage systems and clean and safe water for both domestic and commercial use is essential in India. Sanitation and drinking water supplies are quickly improving in India. The majority of people in the country now have access to at least basic water and basic sanitation. This is better in urban areas, although more rural areas are improving too. In 2015, only 44% of people had access to basic sanitation, but in 2019, the figure has risen to 98.9%.

Water treatment pumps can do many things in water treatment. They can help to move water around, inject necessary chemicals for water treatment, and supply compressed air. With so many tasks that can be performed by water treatment pumps, a reliable power supply is essential. The 38 kVA Cummins Diesel Genset is sure to serve as a powerful generator to run the water pumps reliably. Water treatment systems require continuous power so that they can constantly process water. Whether the generator is used for prime power or as a backup source of power, it will keep the water pumps in operation at all times.

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Published by Advanced Diesel Engineering on 12-06-2019